Project Description

EQUIP (EQuipment Utilization Inventory & Provisioning)

EQUIP is a web-based application designed to facilitate the grooming of low usage DMS-100/200 trunk and line bays by:

  1. Simplifying the software changes associated with moving lines and trunks from those bays to other existing bays
  2. Automating the de-grow of unused shelves/bays in the switch tables
  3. Additional switch types will be added as needed.

In the current release, the Telco must provide its own engineering as to what is moved and where it goes. Future releases will have the added functionality of dumping the switch translations and analyzing where to move terminations in order to obtain the greatest savings.

The software automates the grooming translations and de-grows the equipment from the DMS inventory tables under user supervision. All cuts are verified before and after the translations are changed.

The equipment can then be powered down to realize power and HVAC savings. In addition, the removed equipment can be used as maintenance spares to save on future equipment purchases or be removed and sold.