Project Description

Provisioning Services

In today’s evolving environment, it is a challenge for companies to optimize their operations and streamline processes in order to enable delivery of services in near real time. Our service fulfillment solutions and continuous delivery methodology helps to improve workflows and accelerate delivery, resulting in improved speed to market and product quality.

Our Expertise

  • Provide flexibility of Business Rule Engine to modify behavior of the network using configurable rules.
  • Mechanize and Automate processes with business rules.
  • Fulfill Complex Order Management of new services, changes and disconnects of existing services.
  • Manage Inventory of the physical and logical entities in the network.
  • Represent Data Modeling of the network paradigm.
  • Inter-operate with network elements, element management and legacy systems through standard and non-standard interfaces.

Business Value

  • Achieved flow through up to 90%
  • Streamlined and automated processes
  • Reduction in maintenance cost by minimizing individual platform investments
  • Leverage reusable components reducing development and implementation timeframes
  • Build elastic solution easily adaptable to business changes
  • Improve network utilization and customer experience