Project Description

Modernization Services

In today’s world, modernizing your business application and extending the life of valuable IT assets is key to the survival. Our modernization service ranges from re-architecting applications to extending application features, reducing cost, and increasing adaptability to evolving business conditions.

Our Expertise


  • Rewrite legacy application to industry standard enterprise application
  • Elastic solution deployable on virtualized/cloud platform


  • Migrate legacy application to compatible platforms extending the life of valuable IT assets
  • Keep business features and functions intact

Business Process as a Service

  • Re-factor Business Services from existing applications
  • Interfaces to leverage and extend application features

Business Value

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership associated with legacy systems
  • Agile and efficient software development life cycle management
  • Ability to deliver services to market faster than traditional IT solutions
  • Better system administration, backup and disaster recovery
  • Seamless integration with other support systems
  • Reuse and innovation